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It's time for another Holy Smithereens adventure!

Where I’m Off to Next: Answering the Call of Adventure!

Allow me to give you a bit of a background. I rarely watch TV shows. I just don’t have that kind of loyalty or commitment to follow a show. But one show that I’ve watched on and off again for the longest time is also one of the longest running reality tv series. I’m talking […]


How to Enjoy Your Long-Haul Flight (and even look forward to it!)

I have a confession: Long, long ago, I used to belong to that group of people who didn’t like travel preparations. While I loved travelling, I dreaded the packing (and unpacking), and also wished I can just tele-transport to my destination and skip flying altogether. But that was long, LONG ago. We’re talking decades ago, […]

much more confident in skiing. day 3

Heading to the Snowy Mountains and Skiing for the First Time

How’s the weather where you are? Australia’s been having a really cold winter this year. To those in Europe and in North America, you may laugh at how we can’t take a ‘little bit of cold’, but it’s not really normal to be snowing in some parts of Australia during winter. We took advantage of […]

The Darling Harbour is an ideal location when staying in Sydney CBD

Planning Your Perfect Day in Sydney

Sydney is rapidly growing as a tourist destination. According to data from Destination NSW, the number of domestic overnight trips to New South Wales increased by 4.7 percent last year and there’s been an increase of 14.2 percent compared to four years ago. Moreover, Australia is fast becoming a holiday destination from tourists all over […]


Tips on Photographing and Interacting with Wildlife

If it isn’t evident yet, one of the things I’m greatly wild about is wildlife. Animals in particular. While I haven’t been to the Galapagos yet, I’ve been fortunate to meet and see different kinds of wildlife when we travel and I don’t mean zoos. I like seeing animals in their natural habitats. To me […]

Ready to board the Celebrity Constellation

Cruising for the First Time? Here’s What You Need to Know

Cruising is fast becoming a popular way to travel these days. Gone are the days when cruises are associated with the ‘not-so-young’ generation of travellers. In fact, I know some cruise lines have cruises geared specifically towards the younger guests depending on season / school break. And then there are also upscale cruises which cater […]

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