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Contestants of Miss Poehine 2012

Miss Poehine: Tahiti’s Transgender Pageant

Tahiti has a strong “rae-rae” or transgender culture. There are no known or official LGBT groups in Tahiti because there’s simply no need for it. Not only is gender equality high, but the acceptance of homosexuality and transgender(ism) is in the culture. Many historic versions explain that it was the Tahitian culture long ago to […]


The World’s Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant Made me Hangry

One of the things I got really excited about going to Hong Kong was Tim Ho Wan. I love dim sum, and the best dim sums I’ve ever had were all in Hong Kong (regular ones like from Maxim’s). So when I heard that a dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong had been awarded a […]

The flight crew who took great care of us

Our Flight Back Home with Singapore Airlines: HongKong to Sydney via Singapore

Every trip must come to an end, and ours ended quite dismally (through nobody’s fault but our own). But this was also the time that Singapore Airlines‘ service really outshone all others we’ve flown recently. You see, spending 10 days in Singapore and Hong Kong, we ate a LOT of Asian food. As much as we love […]

Breakfast at the Executive Lounge, Conrad Hong Kong

Hotel Review: Conrad Hong Kong Hotel

It’s hard to miss the Conrad when you are driving in Hong Kong (the district) area. Amidst the close-knit buildings side by side in the area, the Conrad brand stands out with its slightly curved shape . I’d been looking forward to staying at the Conrad as I know that this is a popular choice […]

DFS Galleria Sydney - First Class Beauty

Looking Good While Travelling: First Class Beauty by DFS

Here’s a little sideline / history to this post: When I was young, my parents were very  concerned because my appearance and attitude resembled that of a boy (until now , really) so they took great pains to ensure I looked like a girl, or at least made people think it. They made efforts more so […]

Harbour View room at Kowloon Shangri-la

Hotel Review: Kowloon Shangri-la Hong Kong

Being in Kowloon, Hong Kong brought me into a mega deja-vu mode. It’s really strange how memories (from as long as 30 years ago!) resurface in small pieces as you take in the sights, smells and sounds. My first trip overseas was to Hong Kong when I was 4 years old. And my family and […]

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