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How to Enjoy and Survive Cruise Food

How to Enjoy (and survive) Cruise Food

Without a doubt, one of the things that cruise guests look forward to (or dread?) is the seemingly endless supply of food offerings on board. Last month, I had the opportunity to cruise the Mediterranean with Celebrity Cruises, on board the Celebrity Constellation. To say that I was well-fed during the 12-night cruise would be the […]


6 Reasons You’re Not Enjoying Your Holiday

Ever had a friend (or maybe even yourself!) go to say, Europe, Hawaii or the Maldives and when they get back, you excitedly ask them, “Well how was it!!?” and all you get is either a barrage of complaints or an underwhelmed reply? There are factors that come up when we travel which we have […]

What Really Happens on Cruise Sea Days: It's safe to say I'm addicted

Cruise Confession: What Really Happens During Sea Days

When non-cruising people make the remark that cruising is ‘boring’, they may be referring to the days when the boat is sailing / moving and passengers are literally at sea the entire day or two. This is often called “Sea Days”. In my 12-night Mediterranean Cruise with Celebrity Cruises on board the Celebrity Constellation, there were a […]


Commemorating 100 Years of ANZAC in Gallipoli with Celebrity Cruises

25 April 1915 is commemorated by Australians and New Zealanders as ‘Anzac Day’. It was the day of the ‘Landing at Gallipoli’ when more than 20,000 Australians and New Zealanders and some servicemen from other countries went ashore at the Gallipoli Peninsula. The years 2014-2018 sees a world-wide commemoration for World War 1 and for […]

Hotel Realm Canberra

Top Picks for Luxury Accommodation in Canberra

It feels strange being ” back” in Canberra. We moved back to the same place so on one hand, it feels like everything is the same. But because I spend more time on the road and moving back and forth between Canberra and Sydney , I feel like I haven’t really moved in, and more […]

Oh Roma! I'm back for you :)

Travel Update: Where I’m Off to Next!

Howdy! I’m so excited to be writing this post. I’ve had a travel-free March but things were very busy in the home front. I had travel events and also speaking events, but mostly I was busy shuffling to and from Canberra – Sydney just fixing a whole lot of house related things. Anyway, boring stuff […]

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