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Tips on Photographing and Interacting with Wildlife

If it isn’t evident yet, one of the things I’m greatly wild about is wildlife. Animals in particular. While I haven’t been to the Galapagos yet, I’ve been fortunate to meet and see different kinds of wildlife when we travel and I don’t mean zoos. I like seeing animals in their natural habitats. To me […]

Ready to board the Celebrity Constellation

Cruising for the First Time? Here’s What You Need to Know

Cruising is fast becoming a popular way to travel these days. Gone are the days when cruises are associated with the ‘not-so-young’ generation of travellers. In fact, I know some cruise lines have cruises geared specifically towards the younger guests depending on season / school break. And then there are also upscale cruises which cater […]

Best Resort Pools

Resorts With the Most Amazing Pools

I don’t know what heaven looks like, but I know for sure that the closest thing on earth we have are resorts. That’s why I just cannot get enough of them Like hotels, my priority in resorts still lie in the bathrooms, but pools also are a huge factor for me. In fact, I know […]


Top 3 Ways to See London: Number 1 on my list– From a Mini Cooper!

London is undeniably my favourite city in the world. It’s a place I’d more to in a heartbeat given the chance. In one of my visits, I spent my time experimenting how best to explore the city. I tried by bus, boat, and by a mini cooper. Well you guessed it, I rated the mini-cooper […]

Outfit 4 - Santorini

Dressing and Packing for a Mediterranean Cruise

Despite me being a heavy packer, let me start this post by saying that packing or preparing for a Mediterranean Cruise in spring is probably one of the easiest packing tasks. For one, Mediterranean weather is pretty much pleasant the whole year round. Any trip that does not require packing thick coats or jackets is […]

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