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Choosing the right travel bag: There's one for every kind of travel

Picking the Right Travel Bag : There’s One for Every Travel Occassion!

After you’ve picked your destination, your itinerary, and figured out who you’ll be travelling with, part of the fun in travel planning is picking which travel bag to take! I’m not a shoe, shopping, luxury bag or clothes person. But I seem to amass a collection of luggage / travel bags. I may play favourites […]

Skycycle at Eden Nature Park & Resort, Davao

24 Hours in the Organised, Outdoorsy City of Davao

The Philippines may be known to have the world’s most beautiful beaches and islands, but not many know that it’s also home to one of the safest cities in the world, Davao City. This is based on Numbeo (the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide), which gave Davao a safety index […]

entering the underground river of Puerto Princesa

Exploring Puerto Princesa, the City in a Forest

The day we left for Puerto Princesa, the grey skies of Manila were threatening to break open and pour. As our flight took off, I crossed my fingers in the hope that it will be sunnier in Palawan. After all, when you’re visiting a province island that is popularly known as “the last ecological frontier”, you’d want […]

Graben in Vienna at christmas time. Photo from Albatross Tours

Time to Plan for (and not just Dream of) a White Christmas

The cold weather in ACT and NSW for the past couple of weeks has definitely got me thinking that Christmas in Australia should be in July. I know there’s the novelty of ‘Christmas in July’ every now and then but it’s obviously not the same thing. While many of us are probably cocooned indoors while […]

It's time for another Holy Smithereens adventure!

Where I’m Off to Next: Answering the Call of Adventure!

Allow me to give you a bit of a background. I rarely watch TV shows. I just don’t have that kind of loyalty or commitment to follow a show. But one show that I’ve watched on and off again for the longest time is also one of the longest running reality tv series. I’m talking […]

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