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The D’Albora Lifestyle

I spent my first week in Indonesia exploring the Komodo and Rinca Islands in Flores. In order to do this, we had to stay overnight in a boat, and the 3 days were spent pretty much on board the boat either island hopping , just cruising, sleeping or eating. To be honest, I was quite […]

Dinner is served! Cathay Pacific Hong Kong to Sydney CX 111 Business Class

Flight Review: Cathay Pacific Hong Kong to Sydney in Business Class

There are some flights that make flying feel like a long ordeal you just Have to take. And then then there are flights that are so welcoming and comfortable, you feel like you’re already home even if you’re only halfway there. This was definitely the case when I took my last leg of my London […]

Labuan Bajo Sunset at the harbor

Of Dragons and Islands – Where I’m Off to Next!

It’s time to pack our bags and go on our first trip of the year! My travels in 2014 have been focused on luxury. And while I’m not complaining at all, my adventurous bones are starting to creak just a little bit So we are starting the year right by going on a trip that […]


The End of Losing Things While Travelling is Near

If you’re a regular traveller and have NEVER ever lost, misplaced (either temporarily or permanently) a personal item, I salute you! I’m pretty sure most of us have had their fare share of that heartbeat-skipping moment when you realise you’ve lost something. I for one, have been described as someone who is bound to lose […]


So Long, Farewell auf Wiedersehen 2014!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! I once read a book with the title, “Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee”.  I can’t even remember what it’s about. All I vaguely recall is it’s about a Hindu family. Anyway, the year 2014 to both Zombie and I, is like that bipolar Auntie who spoils you with candies and […]

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