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Where I’m Off to Next, and My (surprise!) Travelling Companion

“Get busy living, or get busy dying”– Stephen King The past few weeks have been really busy in the Holy Smithereens realm, and things are about to get even more OTT busy next month. It’s all the good kind of busy so I’m not complaining at all Time does really fly fast when you are […]

desperately cooling off with an ice candy. Chicen Itza

The Skinny on Mexican Food in Mexico

You think you know Mexican Food? I thought I did. Many of us are familiar with Mexican food without even stepping foot in the country. If you grew up in the US, there’s a lot of Tex-Mex food (blend of Texan and Mexican ), and you will surely be familiar with Taco Bell. In Sydney, […]


The Balance of Walking, Chocolates and Beer in Brussels

Ah,┬áthe city of Brussels. If you scour the internet enough, ask people who’ve just been, (or maybe you yourself have been there )– the general feeling about this city is either love or blah. I fall in between. I find it to be a pleasant city, but perhaps due to me being there for only […]

Fishing Village, Tai O Hong Kong

Tai O Village: The Side of Hong Kong We Rarely See ( A Photo Blog)

Seeing images and footage of the current protests in Hong Kong the past days sent shivers down my spine. It’s hard to fathom that just over a month ago, the same streets we were in with commuters going about their daily routine to and from work are the same ones teemed with thousands of people […]

Contestants of Miss Poehine 2012

Miss Poehine: Tahiti’s Transgender Pageant

Tahiti has a strong “rae-rae” or transgender culture. There are no known or official LGBT groups in Tahiti because there’s simply no need for it. Not only is gender equality high, but the acceptance of homosexuality and transgender(ism) is in the culture. Many historic versions explain that it was the Tahitian culture long ago to […]


The World’s Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant Made me Hangry

One of the things I got really excited about going to Hong Kong was Tim Ho Wan. I love dim sum, and the best dim sums I’ve ever had were all in Hong Kong (regular ones like from Maxim’s). So when I heard that a dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong had been awarded a […]

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