Accommodation in West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone is vast and sprawling.Our motel accommodation was not.

is it a small room or is that just a really huge bed? you decide.

Hey, small is not necessarily a bad thing. But this is the first thing I noticed as I had huge luggage (3 pieces. don’t judge me, I had a work trip inside this holiday)

The bathroom was just slightly bigger than an aircraft lavatory. But it had cute furnishings.

Well I’m not a moose but I didn’t have it easy maneuvering inside the bathroom. It was just really tight, everything was a balancing act.

Now the good news is — the size is the ONLY con of this place. Everything else was perfect!  The room  (and bathroom of course) was extremely clean. Sheets and pillows were freshly washed (yes, I can tell), Free Wi-Fi, cable tv, microwave, fridge, hair dryer.

And I also appreciate the effort in keeping up with the “pinewood” theme. There was laundry inside the motel too so it proved very convenient to us, especially because every end of the day we reeked of sulfur.

This is your good old park-the-car-outside-your-doorstep motel. Location was safe, and very convenient. Within walking distance of all shopping , restaurants and grocery. Entrance to the National Park was about 2 km away. This area caters to local tourists who reach Yellowstone by car. This is in the “downtown” area of West Yellowstone, and all hotel/motels are located here. If you are the “nothing-below-4-star” kind of person, you may have to seek lodging outside of West Yellowstone area. The chains here are Holiday Inn , Best Western, Days, etc. and everything else are independently owned.

I chose this based on TripAdvisor reviews.( Ranked 2nd out of 36 properties in West Yellowstone, all with raving reviews) We had a look around the neighboring motels and this is probably the most maintained. One thing that’s awesome, ALL of them offer free Wi-Fi!

Now inside Yellowstone National Park are 2 huge hotels. One of them is the Old Faithful Inn, that had a really impressive interior:

I haven’t seen the rooms of this place. But the major drawback to this accommodation : It housed bus loads, and I mean Giant bus-loads of tourists (mostly Chinese). Nothing against that, I am part-Chinese myself but let me put it this way: inside that lobby–it just echoed with endless, resounding SQUAWKING.

Back to our little motel. I liked the homey vibe. It may be small but it was quiet, private, and the best part–the owners of the motel baked chocolate chip cookies every afternoon for guests. Enough said.

We stayed at:

The Evergreen Motel
229 Firehole Avenue  West Yellowstone, MT 59758, United States
(406) 646-7655


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