I Got My Sparkle On!

I love how life works. Yesterday was a perfect and literal example of what your momma always said, “You win some, you lose some…”

So yesterday I found out that I did not win my dream job of being Expedia’s travel blogger for a year.

At the same time, in the mail arrived my prize for winning Appletiser’s “Get Your Sparkle On” campaign. I joined this through Michelle’s Style File — Melbourne’s ultimate fashionista blogger. If you are not following her yet, please do so, she is fabulous. She is the first chick to rock maternity fashion making me want to be preggers just so I can wear that dress. (Yes, she is that good).

I joined Appletiser’s campaign last month because I liked the contest and what it asked us to write. —


My Answer:

1.) The Golden Rule- do unto others what you want done to you.

2.) Whatever it is you choose to do in life- do it well and with passion

3.) Dancing and singing does wonders for a stressed out soul

4.) Travel will always be the only thing you buy that will make you richer!

5.) Take the time to look good-it is true, when you look good, you feel good! thereby you do others a favour by looking good! Ha!


I’m so thrilled when I was contacted by Appletiser’s PR agency to say that they chose my answers! I really believe in those 5 things (among others), and do try to live by them every single day.

For this, I got a AUD 200.00 gift card for Peep Toe! And today, I spent my scorching hot Saturday shopping.

I was bedazzled by Peep Toe’s collection. Peep Toe may be a shoe store but I find their jewellery collection more enticing. It was pretty hard to choose but in the end, I went for these:

A gold collar necklace and a black and silver ring

The ring matches the black watch that Joseph Dredd got me for Christmas!

I got BLINGZ, people!! 

And the best part? I still have over AU 100.00 left in my card!! :)

Thank you, Appletiser!! True to your “Sparkle On” campaign, winning this prize enabled me to see the Real reasons that make your life sparkle. It’s not just about winning contests, it’s about realising and setting your priorities, and trying to live each day a better version of yourself from yesterday!


Do you have any rules that you try to live your life by?  

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