Where to Stay in East London: The most stylish and hip Andaz Liverpool St Hotel

The moment I stepped inside the Andaz Liverpool Hotel, I felt like I walked into a multi-dimensional coffee table art book. It’s a 5-star boutique hotel (a Hyatt Hotels brand), and it certainly didn’t scrimp on giving guests a thematic impression.

The reception/lobby. It’s not a traditional setup where there’s a front desk that segregates staff from guests. The set up is very open, there isn’t a hotel staff sitting behind a desk ignoring you. Check in is done seamlessly, you don’t need to approach anyone, all the staff seemed to have built in perfect intuition. In fact, if there’s anything else that stood out from this hotel apart from the art, interior, and kitschy/exclusive vibe, it’s the impeccable customer service.

Neither suffocating nor standoffish, they struck the balance of just knowing when , where, and how you need to be approached.

The Andaz Liverpool Hotel formerly opened as The Great Eastern Hotel, (as you can see , the original logo marking remained untouched). The hotel is housed in a Victorian building dating back to 1884.
And this is why I would describe the hotel as “Lady Victoria meets Lady Beckham”. I’d never seen historical and modern interior and decor perfectly laid side by side in one roof.

Every nook and corner you turn to feels like turning a different page in an art book. They all have a different story/feel! And it’s done ever so seamlessly too. Some annexes and areas of the hotels are new, some are retained parts of the original Great Eastern Hotel so one moment you could be in a sleek hallway with abstract art, and with just one turn, you are back in 1884.

This is where breakfast was served when I was there. I loved that the hotel itself is like a labyrinth. There isn’t just one way to get to places. If like me, you are a curious george and love exploring nooks and crannies, this will be a glamourous 5-star “fun mansion” for you.

No detail is left ignored. This small area just in a corner of the ground floor hotel entrance, is where guests can just chill , read books, and have a few drinks while waiting for check-in, waiting for another friend, etc. Or simply no reason at all.

Now my room. I love the tall ceiling! It certainly didn’t feel like your normal boxed hotel room.

Very generous in space, while maintaining a minimalist decor. The vibe may be a tad masculine but I love it. It has everything I need, very generous in plugs for charging, adaptors are in the room as well.

A generous dressing areaย + full length mirror = vanity shots.

And while the room has a modern look, the bathroom is quite vintage-y!

And when I drew the curtains of the room open, I saw one of the best features of this hotel.

It’s right next to Liverpool St Station! The Andaz Liverpool is located in the financial and corporate district of East London. ย Now this hotel has 5 restaurants and bars, so come 4-6pm, expect the bars to be filled with the unwinding corporate crowd. Yes, this hotel also seems to be the place to hangout on a Friday night. If you are travelling and staying here for work–that means you don’t need to venture out far for a grub or drink.

The Andaz Liverpool Hotel is a recommended experience in London. Staying there has been such a sensory delight.

Why don’t you explore the hotel here to see more?


This accommodation has been sponsored by The Andaz Liverpool/ Hyatt Hotels as an educational / familiarisation trip. All opinions written are unbiased and my own.


  1. E10Concrete says

    My husband and I were married here in 2011 the hotel and staff could not have been more amazing. Simply a stunning hotel.

  2. says

    Congratulations! I’m sure you had a beautiful wedding and you had the perfect backdrop to amazing photographs. I stayed there for 2 nights and I saw 2 weddings. very stunning definitely :)

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