The Beauty of Moorea, Underwater. Swimming with Sharks and Sting-Rays!

Even though you may be tempted to just stay inside the compounds of Intercontinental Moorea (what with the joys of the overwater bungalows and the fun that beachfront bungalows bring), I would still highly recommend you explore and take one of the day trips that Intercontinental offers to one of the nearby islands for snorkelling.It’s so convenient to arrange the trip. The Intercontinental has a designated activities desk where you can arrange what you want to do and when. The hotel will even allow you to take your fins and snorkel.So we just walked to the hotel jetty after breakfast, and we didn’t have to wait long.

the boat came to pick us up and whisked us to a very secluded spot in the island

my favourite travel buddy – Zombie!

Ok now let’s plunge underwater!!!

here fishie, fishie!

it was my first time to swim with black tip sharks so I was really thrilled. They are such elusive creatures, but not aggressive.

Now the sting rays! They are very curious and friendly bunch. They’ve always been one of my creatures. Have you ever felt the underbelly of a sting-ray?? It has the most luxurious feel to it. And I cannot count the number of times a huge sting ray has come up from behind me out of nowhere, and shimmied up my back! It would send me in squeals of laughter (it’s the most ticklish sensation!!!). They are truly wonderful creatures.

Even when I’m on shore they would come up for a petting. This is the best way to encounter sting-rays.
Not in commercial aquariums or zoos. I doubt they would be this happy and friendly in enclosures.

And of course, there are the colourful, wonderful fishes

I didn’t even have bread or anything to feed them but they will just come up to you (probably thinking you’ve got goods!)

The small island is uninhabited. The boat company will count how many people wanted lunch to go with the tour, and the cook and another man (below) and their dog will set up the food, and leave with you as well at the end of the day.

This is the magic of Moorea. Unspoilt, pristine, and not as touristy as Bora-Bora.
Coming soon: Bora-Bora!


  1. Randy says

    I am going on a cruise thru the islands there in mid April.
    Have you got the names of the company you used on your swimming tour? Even better a phone number?

    • says

      Hi Randy, your cruise sounds wonderful, how exciting just a few more months to go! All the tours in this post were arranged via the hotel we were staying at (Intercontinental Moorea and Sofitel Bora Bora) so I didn’t get the name of the company. Maybe inquire with the cruise company, if you are stopping in either islands (Bora Bora or Moorea) there’s a good chance they have local tour contacts who may even pick you up from the ship :)

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